Thursday, 30 June 2016

How to cope with waiting for Results Day

Hey Internet Friends,

So, now exams are all over, what do you do while waiting these two never ending months for results day? Here are some of my tips and ideas.

One thing I've done is create a list of everything I want/need to get done while I have time off. From organising my room, to getting rid of old revision and taking up a  new hobby, making sure my time is full is a brilliant way of keeping me distracted so I don't get as worried or stressed.

Another thing you can do is make plans with friends and family. Days out will again keep you distracted as well as give you something fun to do. Going shopping or going to the cinema are both great ideas as they keep you out of the house.

Finally, you can read a load of books, watch a TV series and/or watch a bunch of films you've always wanted to in order to help you chill out and stay relaxed. Time off is perfect for this and you deserve to relax after all the exam stress.

So, what are you doing to help you cope with pre-results stress? Have these ideas helped?

Love and Hugs,
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