Thursday, 27 August 2015

Thoughtful Thursday - 'Society'

Hey Internet Friends!
Today I decided to post something I wrote one late night last week. Hope you like it and feel free to comment your opinions.
"Us as individuals are pressured by society to act, look and behave in certain manners. If we try to stand out, be unique or we aren't exactly what society want, we get pushed down and made to feel so low. Why all the standards? Where did they come from? After all, we as individuals are part of society; everyone is. So how and why have these so called 'perfect ideals' appeared? Maybe it's down to feeling threatened by others or being jealous of what they have (whether it be physical things or appearances or attitudes and ideas). Maybe we have trouble accepting ourselves so feel the need to bring down others. Maybe we want something to blame and so we create these harsh images of what is right and wrong and label them as what society thinks is best. Or maybe we are just ignorant. As a species, humans are very often ignorant and maybe some of the things we view as 'perfect' originate from the ignorance of others."
Love and Hugs,
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