Tuesday, 11 August 2015

How to be happy

Hey Internet Friends!
Everyone should be happy. If not, here are some of my top tips to keep you smiling!

1. Accept Compliments!
Don't try to deny them, accept that others like something about you, even if you don't.

2. Listen to music
I know whenever I'm feeling down, I love to blast my favourite songs and dance and sing along.

3. Talk about it!
If you have any problems, talk about them with someone you trust and someone who may be able to give you advice or help. Remember, a problem shared is a problem halved!

4. Distractions
If you're feeling really down, thinking about what's troubling you isn't going to help. Distract yourself by reading a book, watching a film, writing a blog or just having a random chat with someone.

5. Feel the love
Find things you really like about yourself and don't stop until you find at least 3 things. It may take a while but you have to learn to love who you are; after all, everyone is amazing in their own ways!

Love and Hugs,
1 More Blogger xox