Thursday, 2 June 2016

Thoughtful Thursday - Exercise

Hey Internet Friends,
Exercise to me is like marmite. You love it or you hate it. I can't stand it! I hate feeling too hot or sweaty. Yuck!

So, how do I stay fit? Well, as you can guess, running or going to the gym is definitely not my thing. Quite often I like to go for a walk with my family in the evenings. I always find this makes me feel more refreshed after a long day. It also helps me get a much better sleep that night.

I also do a 30 day Fit Butt challenge each day, which I've mentioned before in a previous post. I find this isn't too strenuous but helps keep my thighs and bum nice and firm. No wobble, bonus!

Finally, I occasionally do some yoga. I used to do this once a week, however now that I'm spending so much time on revision, I struggle to fit it in. Again, yoga isn't too strenuous but helps keep everything nice and firm.

So, what do you guys do to keep fit? Do you love or loathe exercise? Let me know by commenting or let me know through social media.

Love and Hugs,
1 More Blogger xox