Thursday, 30 June 2016

How to cope with waiting for Results Day

Hey Internet Friends,

So, now exams are all over, what do you do while waiting these two never ending months for results day? Here are some of my tips and ideas.

One thing I've done is create a list of everything I want/need to get done while I have time off. From organising my room, to getting rid of old revision and taking up a  new hobby, making sure my time is full is a brilliant way of keeping me distracted so I don't get as worried or stressed.

Another thing you can do is make plans with friends and family. Days out will again keep you distracted as well as give you something fun to do. Going shopping or going to the cinema are both great ideas as they keep you out of the house.

Finally, you can read a load of books, watch a TV series and/or watch a bunch of films you've always wanted to in order to help you chill out and stay relaxed. Time off is perfect for this and you deserve to relax after all the exam stress.

So, what are you doing to help you cope with pre-results stress? Have these ideas helped?

Love and Hugs,
1 More Blogger xox

Monday, 20 June 2016

Tips to Stay Calm

Hey Internet Friends,
First of all, apologies is this isn't too good as I don't feel very well right now but I still wanted to get a post up for you guys. Today I am going to share with you tips for staying calm.

If you are a particularly anxious person, writing down your worries might help. If you don't like the thought of keeping your worries written down, then enjoy ripping them up after ad just imagine the worries disappearing.

Another thing you could do is get a colouring book and just colour in anytime you are particularly worried about something. I often do this as I find it takes my mind off whatever I'm thinking about.

Finally, you could try writing. Whether it be a blog, story or poem, writing can help take your mind onto something else you don't have to worry about. Use the emotions to your advantage.

Hope this helps,

Love and Hugs,
1 More Blogger xox

Thursday, 16 June 2016

Thoughtful Thursday - Love

Hey Internet Friends,
Todays idea for Thoughtful Thursday is courtesy of my amazing boyfriend. As I am in a relationship, my feelings about love might seem slightly biased, but everyone has different opinions.

What is love?
To me love is the feeling of safety when someone you love is holding you tight while you're at your weakest. Someone who sticks by you no matter what is always important; everyone needs someone they can turn to when things happen.

Young Love
I hate it when people say "You're too young to be in love". I believe you can fall in love with anyone at any point in your life. It doesn't matter how old or young you are.

I believe love is forever. It's so strong and to me a bond of love can never be broken. It's something that will always last, even through the difficult times.

I hope you enjoyed that. Let me know what your opinion on love is.

Love and Hugs,
1 More Blogger xox

P.S. Sending love to all those effected by the shootings in Orlando. This world is a cruel place.

Monday, 6 June 2016

How to help with panic attacks

Hey Internet Friends,
Okay so I thought I'd share with you something I feel is very important. As a person who suffers with panic attacks, I know how frustrating it is when people tell you to "just calm down" or "stop worrying". So, here are some ways you can either help yourself or someone else who suffers with panic attacks.

First of all, make a note of days where you are either anxious or panicky. This might help you notice a pattern in when the attacks occur and so help you to prepare more for when they come. Like me, you may also struggle to find a pattern in them but sometimes it helps so you can keep track of when you get better or worse.

Secondly, take up a hobby to keep yourself busy on days where you don't feel too good. If, like me, you struggle to find the will or determination to do a hobby when you're down, talk about how you're feeling instead with someone close to you.

Thirdly, if you are with someone and they are having a panic attack, please under no circumstances ever tell them to "just calm down" as this can be very frustrating to a person as they will physically struggle to get over the attack. They are a horrible thing to experience so gently ask if there's anything you can do to help. If you know them well, maybe give them a hug. Reassure them that it'll pass and that everything will be okay. Giving them a glass of water also helps. Make sure you don't make them feel as though they're wasting you're time as this may just make it worse.

If you have any other tips or any questions about panic attacks, feel free to either comment on this post or contact me either through email or social media (all contact information can be found on the Contact Me page).

Love and Hugs,
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Thursday, 2 June 2016

Thoughtful Thursday - Exercise

Hey Internet Friends,
Exercise to me is like marmite. You love it or you hate it. I can't stand it! I hate feeling too hot or sweaty. Yuck!

So, how do I stay fit? Well, as you can guess, running or going to the gym is definitely not my thing. Quite often I like to go for a walk with my family in the evenings. I always find this makes me feel more refreshed after a long day. It also helps me get a much better sleep that night.

I also do a 30 day Fit Butt challenge each day, which I've mentioned before in a previous post. I find this isn't too strenuous but helps keep my thighs and bum nice and firm. No wobble, bonus!

Finally, I occasionally do some yoga. I used to do this once a week, however now that I'm spending so much time on revision, I struggle to fit it in. Again, yoga isn't too strenuous but helps keep everything nice and firm.

So, what do you guys do to keep fit? Do you love or loathe exercise? Let me know by commenting or let me know through social media.

Love and Hugs,
1 More Blogger xox