Thursday, 27 August 2015

Thoughtful Thursday - 'Society'

Hey Internet Friends!
Today I decided to post something I wrote one late night last week. Hope you like it and feel free to comment your opinions.
"Us as individuals are pressured by society to act, look and behave in certain manners. If we try to stand out, be unique or we aren't exactly what society want, we get pushed down and made to feel so low. Why all the standards? Where did they come from? After all, we as individuals are part of society; everyone is. So how and why have these so called 'perfect ideals' appeared? Maybe it's down to feeling threatened by others or being jealous of what they have (whether it be physical things or appearances or attitudes and ideas). Maybe we have trouble accepting ourselves so feel the need to bring down others. Maybe we want something to blame and so we create these harsh images of what is right and wrong and label them as what society thinks is best. Or maybe we are just ignorant. As a species, humans are very often ignorant and maybe some of the things we view as 'perfect' originate from the ignorance of others."
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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Sleepover Bag - Things You Must Pack

Hey Internet Friends,

As I recently went to my BFF's house for a sleepover, I thought I'd tell you what I think are must haves for your sleepover bag!

First of all, you need your basics. Clothes, PJ's, makeup, toothbrush, shoes, etc. I also like to pack dry shampoo incase my hair looks limp and greasy the next day.

 Sweet and chocolate are also a must have for any sleepover! They're perfect for munching on while watching your favourite films.

Finally, I like to pack my phone so I can take plenty of selfies with my bestie. Whether they're nice ones or silly ones, its always good to have something to look back on.

Love and Hugs
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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Beauty Reviews - Zoella's 'Let's Spritz'

Hey Internet Friends,

Recently I bought the 'Let's Spritz!' Fragranced Body Mist from Zoella's beauty range. It cost me just £8 for a 45ml bottle which I think is an incredibly reasonable price. I noticed it due to the gorgeous decoration and instantly wanted to try it.

The smell of this body mist I find flowery and fruity but isn't at all overpowering. This makes it perfect for everyday wear.

Like I said before, it was the gorgeous decoration that drew me to the bottle. The pink perfume matches perfectly with the white lace design and the gorgeous turquoise writing. I love the cute blue and white polka dot lid and the simplicity of the bottle shape.

Overall, here is what I would rate the bottle out of 15.
Value For money:4

If any of you own this product, let me know what you think of it, either by commenting on this post or through my social media (which can be found here)!

Love and Hugs,
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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

How to be happy

Hey Internet Friends!
Everyone should be happy. If not, here are some of my top tips to keep you smiling!

1. Accept Compliments!
Don't try to deny them, accept that others like something about you, even if you don't.

2. Listen to music
I know whenever I'm feeling down, I love to blast my favourite songs and dance and sing along.

3. Talk about it!
If you have any problems, talk about them with someone you trust and someone who may be able to give you advice or help. Remember, a problem shared is a problem halved!

4. Distractions
If you're feeling really down, thinking about what's troubling you isn't going to help. Distract yourself by reading a book, watching a film, writing a blog or just having a random chat with someone.

5. Feel the love
Find things you really like about yourself and don't stop until you find at least 3 things. It may take a while but you have to learn to love who you are; after all, everyone is amazing in their own ways!

Love and Hugs,
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Monday, 10 August 2015

Bedroom Beauty

Hey Internet Friends!
Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy my first post.
Bored of your bedroom being plain and boring? Well with these tips and ideas, your bedroom will be looking stunning in the blink of an eye.

Pick a single colour and use this as the theme for your room. You can find things like rugs, lamps, curtains and paint in this colour as it helps tie everything together. Use different shades to add variety to your room and make it more interesting. I think colour themes are great as you can make your room more personal.
Another theme idea is to pick something you love and find items that represent it. For example, if you love sea life, you can get blue curtains and rugs to represent the sea, paint sea creatures on the walls, hang up pictures and maybe even find fish cushions!

If it's fine with the owner of the house, paint your room! You can choose any colour(s) you like. A top tip is to choose a light or pastel colour. This makes you room brighter and seem bigger. Another tip for making your room look bigger is to have an accent wall. This is where just one wall is painted in the colour of your choice and the rest are painted in a neutral colour (like white, cream or stone).

An easy way to add colour to any room is by using plants. Choose a pot and flower that matches the colours in your room and place on a windowsill. Not very good at remembering to water a plant? Why not get a cactus? They come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, meaning they will fit into even the smallest of rooms. They don't take much looking after, yet still bring in nature and colour.

Personalise your room with photos! You could place them in frames around your room to decorate shelves and desks, or you could just stick them to a wall and create a huge memorial! This way you can have all your memories on display instead of hiding them away in photo albums that get forgotten about.

Now, windowsills always tend to look empty and boring. If yours does then why not decorate it? Find objects that match the theme of your room and display them for everyone to see. Large paperweights and different shaped pots always look brilliant and are so easy to find. You could always get an unusual shaped bottle and fill it with plastic flowers to create your very own feature. Glass items are also perfect as they reflect the light coming in from the window and occasionally create rainbows on the walls. So, what are you waiting for? Go to your local stores and charity shops and get rummaging! You never know, you might find a bargain!
Love and Hugs,
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