Friday, 4 September 2015

Top Tips - Back to school

Hey Internet Friends!

As I am going back to school next week, and I'm sure most of you will be as well, I thought I'd give you some top tips for going back to school.

First of all, you should always get your bag ready the night before so you don't have to rush around panicking in the morning. I'm a very stress person and this always helps me feel a bit better in the morning. On the topic of bags, I always like to pack a few extra things that always come in handy: anti bacterial hand gel, hair bands/bobbles/elastics, tampons/sanitary towels, hand cream, deodorant and a small amount of makeup. I find these things are always helpful to have as you never know when you'll need them!

My next top tip is that you should stay organised! It means you won't forget things as easily and you'll be in less of a stressful mess. I have calendars, to-do lists and sticky notes everywhere round my room while I'm at school. I like to highlight days off on my calendar so I can count down the days till I can chill out again!

Another top tip us to keep your room tidy! I recommend cleaning it at least once a week as it makes it easier to concentrate, meaning you can get homework completed much quicker. It's also good to reduce the amount of clutter you have in order to it easier to find what you want.

Finally, keep calm! If you are particularly stressy or have panic attacks (like me), yoga or regular exercise (like walking) is brilliant to help you reduce stress and just chill out more. Try to get as much fresh air as possible. Nice weather? Do your homework outside! It makes you feel so much better, rather than being cooped up inside all the time.

Hope these tips help,
Love and Hugs
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