Thursday, 1 December 2016

Present Ideas

Hey Internet Friends,
So, Christmas is quickly approaching and so is the time to buy gifts for people. Here are a few ideas for different types of budgets.

Low Budget
One of my go-to presents for people this year is shortbread that I will bake myself to save money. It's simple to do and you can find the recipe here. If you're no good at baking or just don't have the time, festive tubes of chocolate are fairly cheap and are loved by most people.

Medium Budget
Things like bath products, makeup and body sprays always go down well as presents as they're so useful. Just make sure no one has any allergies to certain brands for things like makeup and bath products.

High Budget
I only tend to spend large amounts on close family members and often buy clothes, jewellery or watches. These types of gifts are quite personal so I'd advise only buying them for someone whose likes you know incredibly well.

Hope this helps some of you out.

Love and Hugs,
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