Monday, 14 March 2016

Easter Decorations

Hey Internet Friends,
So, Easter is quickly approaching us this year and is much earlier than usual. So to help you prepare, today's post is about different types of decorations you can make!

1) Bunny Bunting
First, either find a bunny template online or draw your own. Cut this out several times on paper or card and decorate. Then, glue on a pom-pom for a tail. Next, hole punch either side of the bunnies and attach together using string or ribbon. Hang up and enjoy your bunting!

2) Paper Mache Egg
First of all, blow up a balloon roughly to the size you want your egg to be. Then stick ripped up pieces of newspaper to it using PVA glue. When the entire balloon is covered in a couple of layers, leave to dry. Once dry, pop the balloon and remove from the egg if possible. Decorate the egg however you want.

3) Easter tree
Find some sticks and twigs (preferably some with branches). Knock out any insects and then arrange in a vase. Hang Easter decorations off the branches and you're done! This works really well as a centrepiece for a table.

4) Hanging Eggs
Cut out several egg shapes from paper or card. Decorate using anything you want. Next, hole punch the top and loop through some ribbon. Finally, hang your Easter eggs from the ceiling.

Hope these suggestions have given you some inspiration. Still stuck? Websites like Etsy and Pinterest are brilliant for even more ideas!

Love and Hugs,
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