Monday, 10 April 2017

Life Tips

Hey Internet Friends,

Exam season is quickly approaching and so is the huge amount of revision, and seemingly never ending school work. Because of this, I'm guessing it's likely that a load of us will be starting to feel the stress, so today I will be sharing with you some top life tips to help you stay more relaxed and calm.

1) Try to embrace stress - use the stress to push yourself to be more productive.

2) Try to schedule what needs to be done to help stop procrastination.

3) Take time out to relax - yes getting work done is important but so is relaxation.

4) Drink plenty of water - dehydration will get you nowhere.

5) Try to keep work away from your relaxing space if possible - even if this is as simple as sitting in one room to study and relaxing in another.

Hope these are useful to some of you, any more tips feel free to let me know.

Love and Hugs,
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