Monday, 30 January 2017

Valentines Date Ideas

Hey Internet Friends,

So, as Valentines Day isn't too far away, I thought I'd help you with date ideas for the special day.

Cinema Date - A simple classic but always a lovely idea with someone you know well. Maybe not the best for a first date as it can be difficult to get to know someone in a cinema.

Coffee date - Another classic but a much better first date idea as it's a great way to get to know someone. The public atmosphere and background noise can help reduce some of the awkwardness of a first date. This date is also a great idea for people who have been together for a while as it's nice to just sit and talk over a coffee.

Movie Night - This is always great fun and is a much cheaper alternative to going out. Snacks are always much cheaper from he shop than a cinema and you can pause the movie for toilet breaks and food whenever.

Art Gallery - A lovely place to go for creative minds. Peaceful and a great way to connect with someone on a different level. This is especially brilliant if you are on a low budget as most art galleries have free entry and just ask for a small donation.

Dinner - Eating out is always nice if you have a higher budget but is best for a couple who have been together for a fair amount of time. Feeling creative? Cook dinner at home for your partner! Or cook a meal together. A great way to connect and have a good laugh. Even if it all goes terribly wrong, you can always order take out!

Hope this gives you some inspiration.

Love and Hugs,
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