Thursday, 28 January 2016

Thoughtful Thursday - Mindfulness

Hi Internet Friends,

Today Thoughtful Thursday is about something I only recently discovered. Mindfulness. I was in a shop one day and my Dad noticed a book called 'Mindfulness on the go' by Padraig O'Morain. After reading the blurb, I discovered mindfulness is brilliant to help you stay calm. Just perfect for someone like me.

So, what actually is mindfulness? Well, it's basically the practise of constantly returning your attention to what is going on/what you are doing, hence making you more aware of what's going on around you and less on worrying thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness has many benefits. It's really simple to incorporate into your everyday life, helps with stress, anxiety and worrying thoughts, helps you gain more control over your thoughts, and finally it helps you control your emotions a bit more which can help add stability to your feelings. It's brilliant for a hectic lifestyle as it helps you stay in control.

As I mentioned earlier, the way I discovered mindfulness was through the book 'Mindfulness on the go' by Padraig O'Morain. I fell in love with this book whilst reading it and it's now my essential go-to book when I feel anxious. This book helped make me aware of so many different mindfulness practises, all which are incredibly simple to do whilst living my everyday life, without it being obvious to others. It gave me an understanding of what mindfulness is and how it can benefit me. There are so many different tips and ideas in this book for so many occasions I would most definitely recommend reading it. A final brilliant thing about this book is that you don't have to read it all in one go or in any particular order. If you need to learn some mindfulness tips for relationships for example, you just turn to that chapter and at the end there's several pages with different activities you can do.

The book also recommends some websites and some of these are below so you too can begin to look into mindfulness and help make your daily life slightly easier. (here you can sign up for a free newsletter and free daily mindfulness reminders and quotes, as well as find books and other useful resources).

If you didn't know anything about mindfulness or have heard about it and not looked into it further, I hope this post helps introduce you to such an amazing practise and helps you deal with life's daily stresses and worries.
Love and Hugs,
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