Monday, 4 January 2016

Favourite Beauty Products 1

Hey Internet Friends,

First of all I'm so sorry for not posting in ages. I just haven't had any inspiration at all and any ideas I've had just don't seem good enough. Secondly, I hope you've all had a lovely holiday season and happy new year! Now, on with the beauty products!

It's incredibly important to use exfoliators every now and then to help remove dead, dry skin which helps make your skin feel much smoother. This can help unblock pores which is beneficial for your appearance as it means you're less likely to break out with spots and blackheads. It can also help makes pores appear less noticeable.

For my face, I use the Tea Tree Exfoliating Scrub from Superdrug. Costing just £3.29 for 75ml, it is brilliant for keeping those pesky spots at bay, without being too harsh on skin. It contains tea tree and peppermint oils as well as granules of walnut shell to give your face a thorough cleanse.

For the rest of my body I have recently started using the Blueberry Body Scrub-Gelee from The Body Shop. For a 200ml tub, this body scrub usually costs £13.00, however it is currently reduced to £6.50 and so is an absolute bargain. Again, it's gentle on the skin but helps cleanse incredibly well. It has an amazing blueberry smell, but isn't sickly or overpowering as certain products often can be.

If you want to keep balance in your skin and keep it super soft, its a good idea to use moisturiser daily. It can work brilliantly as a base for makeup and also works as a barrier for your skin to retain the required amount of moisture.

Before applying my makeup, every morning I apply Superdrug's Tea Tree Moisturising Face Cream. It costs £3.29 for 30ml but lasts absolutely ages as a little goes a long way. The pump on it makes it super easy to get the right amount you need each time without using too much. It's perfect if you are prone to spots or have fairly oily skin like me.

Foundation and Concealer
A few months ago I discovered the Pure Colour makeup range at New Look and have fallen in love with it. I didn't have very high expectations to begin with due to the fairly cheap prices, however after using some of the products I fell in love with them and now I mainly purchase my makeup from there.

The foundation I use is the Pure Colour Liquid Foundation which costs just £4.99 for 35ml. This is an incredibly reasonable price for such a good quality foundation. It is a semi-matte foundation that provides medium coverage and is oil free and enriched with vitamin E to keep your skin looking fabulous. It can ve applied so easily and doesn't look cakey at all.

The concealer I use is the Pure Colour Liquid Concealer. It's so easy to use due to having a small brush attached to it which the product is released through to ensure precise application. It lasts a very long time due to such brilliant coverage meaning you don't have to use much and at £3.99, it is well worth it.

I hope you guys find this all useful when looking for new beauty products. I haven't covered all of my favourite beauty products so keep your eyes peeled for a second beauty products post coming soon. You can let me know your favourite beauty products either by commenting on this post or by contacting me on social media (links can be found on the contact me page).

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