Monday, 28 September 2015

Top Tips for Perfect Makeup

Hey Internet Friends,
A few weeks ago, I had a poll on my blog asking people to vote for what they wanted to see next and Top Tips won. Thank you to anyone who voted, it really helps me out. Back to the post. Makeup can quite often be awkward a or difficult to apply nicely so here are my top tips to getting your makeup perfect!

Firstly, whenever you apply makeup, you should always try to go so in natural lighting as this help make any errors obvious. If you use bad lighting, you may not notice these errors and may end up with patchy makeup.

My second tip is to try and keep your brushes nice by cleaning them regularly. Makeup easily builds up in them and so it's best to give them a good wash every now and then. Foundation brushes tend to get the worst. If too much foundation builds up in them, you can't use them to apply your foundation as nicely. I prefer to use makeup sponges as they are more affordable and easier to keep clean.

The next tip on my list is to always apply moisturiser before applying any makeup. It helps keep your skin soft, works as a great base and helps prevent skin from dehydrating and drying out.

My final tip is for super long lashes. If you have a slightly smaller budget, you can still use slightly cheaper mascaras to get amazingly long lashes. All you need to do is use eyelash curlers first! Eyelash curlers can be bought very cheaply and do an amazing job at making your eyelashes look so much longer!

Hope these help!
Love and Hugs,
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