Monday, 5 June 2017


Hey Internet Friends,
Following on from my previous post I have decided to share some of the most memorable quotes from the One Love Manchester concert.

“I want to thank you so much for coming together and being so loving and strong and unified. I love you guys so much and I think that the kind of love and unity you’re displaying is the kind of medicine that the world really needs right now.” - Ariana Grande

"It's not always easy to choose love, right? Especially in moments like this it can be difficult. But love conquers fear and love conquers hate" - Katy Perry

"Despite all the things that have been going on...I don't feel or smell or hear any fear in this building. All we feel tonight is love. Resilience. Positivity." - Pharrell Williams

‘As we saw yesterday, evil will test us, it will show it’s face again, but because of you we can say we will be ready, we will be fearless, we will be great and we will honour our children, because we owe it to those children whose futures were ripped away from them to be brave." - Scooter Braun
"We must not be afraid, and in tribute to all those affected here and around the world, we will bring our voices together and sing loudly." - Scooter Braun

Stay Strong everyone.
Love and Hugs,
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