Monday, 20 February 2017

Top 10

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Let me start off by apologising that this post is up slightly late, I had some issues with my internet.
Today's post is about my Top 10 beauty brands. Now, these are in no particular order as there are different products I like from each.

The Body Shop - Brilliant for when you feel like treating yourself to some slightly more expensive products. The Body Shop is cruelty free which is amazing and makes it worth that little bit extra.

Pure Colour (New Look) - I absolutely adore the lashes and lipsticks from Pure Colour, as well as the eyeshadows. The quality is very high for such affordable products.

PS... - Amazing items at incredibly low prices, PS... is the beauty brand from Primark. My main go to is the false nails, however I have recently purchased some false lashes from there, as well as a lemon lip jelly (which is absolutely amazing and only costs £1).

Rimmel - Rimmel has such a vast range of products, all at affordable prices that are extremely high quality. My top Rimmel product is the Wake Me Up concealer, and is something I use every single day.

Natural Collection - I feel as though Natural Collection from Boots is such an underrated brand of makeup. It insanely affordable as well as being ideal for sensitive skin. I own multiple shades of lipsticks from Natural collection, as well as some of the eyeshadows and am incredibly impressed with the pigmentation. I currently use the Natural Collection Liquid Eye Liner which is brilliant and only cost me £1.99. Just as good as any other eyeliner I've tried and at least half the price.

Makeup Revolution - Makeup Revolution is incredibly amazing. The pigmentation of the eyeshadows is so good and again is an incredibly affordable brand. The new lip kits are absolutely gorgeous and sell out so quickly everywhere they are stocked.

W7 - Now, W7 is well know for holding dupes of so many top branded products, and works just as well. It won't break the bank yet still gives you the same quality as the high end brands that look incredibly similar.

NYX - How could I get through this list without mentioning NYX. The matte lip creams are so gorgeous and my only regret is not owning more of them. A little more expensive than some of the brands on this list but most definitely worth it.

L'Oréal -A much loved brand that I often splash out on is L'Oréal. If you just wanted to buy the one product from there, I'd highly recommend buying the Studio Secrets Professional smoothing resurfacing primer. Application is so smooth and it isn't horrible and sticky like I have found other primers to be. It really helps hold makeup in place without feeling too heavy on the skin.

Max Factor - The final brand on the list, Max Factor is one that I often go to for eyeshadows and mascaras, however I have recently purchased a new Max Factor foundation that I can't wait to try.

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